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Star magickandpractice
A group for people interested in the occult who want to share ideas, opinions and spells. A friendly and non-judgemental group

Group Founder: dasnica
Description: For people interested in the occult who want to share ideas, opinions, spells, experiences etc. and who need any advice in their magickal practice. An open and non-judgemental group.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 38
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Occult

Topics (5)

go Welcome (6) dasnica
welcome to my group. please introduce urself and and feel free to post topics on anything relative. enjoy!

go Enochian keys (1) thorng
I wondered if any of you have used the enochian keys what you use them for and how ?

go suggestions? (0) dasnica
i need suggestions on what u want to knw bout. pls let me knw

go moon phases (0) dasnica
The first phase: waxing /new moon.Wind:eastpower:new cycles, development, growth, new opportunities.Lesson:invoke knowledge, intuition.Magic for:health, personal issues, plans.second phase:full moonwi...

go starting simple (0) dasnica
Well, first id like to give a warm welcome to all the newcomers. I thought i would start out simple. Magic is the art of using spells to invoke supernatural powers to influence events.there are three ...

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1 evil twin

Polls (2)

go should those who share the occult be stricter and more selective when teaching newcomers?
go white magick, black magick or gray magick?